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Puttist, a putting exercise equipment more fun than real golf.

Puttist Co. Ltd has introduced its digital putting practice equipment, ‘Puttist’. More fun than real GOLF! The purpose of the digital putting practice equipment made by Puttist Co. Ltd is clear. It is to allow people to have fun practicing putting. Through various mission modes, it allows users to feel like playing game. Like its nickname, 3-putt Killer, does it really enhance your putting skills at real rounding? According to a golf representative, distance is more important than direction. Once the user adjust the number(distance) on the dashboard, the direction and the distance of the putted ball is displayed. Puttist Co. Ltd was originally a sensor manufacturing company, and Puttist is a product made with its sensor technology. The product has a price advantage as it does not use imported sensors that incur A/S and additional cost.

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