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The History of Screen Golf

How Did Screen Golf Begin??
The screen golf started in the early 1990s when simulation technology in the U.S., Germany, and Japan was applied to golf. While it was originally developed for researching purposes to analyze shot distance and the trajectory, it was later developed in other areas after the discovery of its utility value. Therefore, the golf simulation system development started focusing not only on the professional golfers but also on the general public. The official title of screen golf is golf simulation system or golf simulator.

Title: The Most Beautiful and Prominent Golf Courses Around the World by Golf Magazine
According to the 2011 top 100 world golf course rankings by the U.S. golf magazine, the number 1 golf course was Pine Valley Country Club, located in Clementon NJ, U.S. The country club, established in 1918 and numerously introduced by the Golf Magazine and Golfers Digest for years, is the most beautiful golf course in the United States. Pine Valley Country Club, strictly operated by membership, has once again selected as number 1 since the 2009 survey certifying its reputation as the best golf course in the world. The course is located at New Jersey, U.S. and its 3rd and 5th hole is its trademark. It is known for its ‘hell’s half acre’ and ‘the devil’s asshole’(10th hole, par 3) and the spectacle finishing hole. After an amateur golf group in Philadelphia has purchased 184 acres of pine forest in southern New Jersey in 1913, George Arthur Crump has designed the course, but passed away before the construction was complete. Despite being the top golf course, no major professional golf tournament was held due to its lack of hotels to accommodate thousands of galleries.

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